Creatively Exploring | Exist – The Origins of “Central Perspective”
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Exist – The Origins of “Central Perspective”

Exist – The Origins of “Central Perspective”


Exist Magazine, 3rd edition, “A Central Perspective”


State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, New York


Kelly Roe and Cynthia Clabough


In their role as information architects, student designers were charged with pulling out common themes found in the illustration work and to collate and consolidate individual ideas and thoughts into a shared vision that resulted in the publishing of a magazine edition on Central New York. <br><br> The design students were given the projects that the Illustrators produced. Assigned to groups based on locations around Central NY, they contributed their own narratives, findings, and perspectives. They began their assignment with visiting or revisiting the areas within their assigned region. Some chose to develop a photographic narrative of a moment, memory or inspiration, while others wrote stories about their favorite memories, funny experiences or incredible food choices. Another group developed a personal journey through inexpensive dining, shopping and outings in their areas. Each design group developed a narrative along with an interactive display of their chosen place. <br><br> As the teams gathered and developed their work, they also formulated the structure and interactivity of an Interactive Digital Magazine for iTunes. During this process they researched the necessary components needed to organize, develop, produce and publish the edition.

Connecting to the Community

Tyler Art Gallery at the Oswego State Downtown Store, corner of W. 1st and Bridge Street, Oswego, New York. <br><br> Featured digital prints with story narratives written by the illustrators. Part of the Downtown Series, an original poem and piece of music was created to accompany the exhibition during the public opening.

Students Involved

Marissa Specioso - Julia Furlong - Troy Antinora


March 4, 2016