Creatively Exploring | The Oswego Chalk Mural Project
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The Oswego Chalk Mural Project

The Oswego Chalk Mural Project

Project Leader:

Cynthia Clabough, SUNY Oswego

Collaborative Partners:

At the Art Studio Workshop Series

Anticipated Project Completion:

May 2015


This project is meant to inspire our community to get out and have fun. Chalk mural projects have sprung up across the globe. Some are lead by artist using this form of expression as part of on installation work. Others are lead by people in the community wanting to encourage area residents to get out and embrace public spaces. Any even more, are done as anti-graffiti campaigns to encourage students to engage in less destructive forms of communication.


Our objective is to simple, designate a space where we could install chalk murals during a one-day event. Use the steering committee to define how simple of complex we want to get regarding installing the murals. Decide on a thematic focus, which would again be somehow connected to Oswego.

Promoting Oswego Through these Projects:

The SUNY Oswego Art department has students capable of building websites, apps, and e-publications that can go out into the world and showoff this work. Through the department, we can network with the CNY chapter of AIGA as well as other on-campus departments to seek assistance with all aspects of both of these projects.


January 19, 2018