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Oswego Banner Project

Oswego Banner Project


Cynthia Clabough, SUNY Oswego ( Stacey VanCampen, Oswego HS ( Billie Jo Peterson, Oswego HS (

SUNY Oswego Interns:

David McCormick Rebecca Smith Madison Tinney


The objective of this project is to provide a window in which students living in Oswego can put into the world a creative expression that captures a sense of who they are and what it means to live in their community. Our goal is to build a collaborative relationship between SUNY Oswego and the Oswego City Schools that supports the creation of artwork that uses public space to create public voice and consciousness about our collective community. We want to empower students to tell their stories and create sites of public memory. We want students to feel their work has transformative powers that can change the community through positive action.


To kick off the project, we plan to celebrate and honor the artist with an exhibition of their work in Tyler Art Gallery. All Oswego public schools will be represented by a selection of work. From this body of work, 25-50 works of art will be chosen by jurors to be incorporated into actual banners designed by SUNY Oswego students. Before going out into the community, the banner project will be on display throughout the summer at the Oswego State Downtown Store gallery.


The ultimate goal of this project is to place the completed banners throughout the community. The idea is that these banners will be placed in locations throughout Oswego. At the end of their display cycle, the banners will be recycled into bags, or other fabric products, and sold to raise funds to support the continuation of the project. Each banner installation site will also have an online component that will allow viewers to go online and read about the project, submit comments, or even submit photos of the work or their response to it. Besides promoting Oswego to the outside world, online content is intended to provide a way for the community to participate as well as to learn about the project and to discover ways to support it. The SUNY Oswego Art department has students capable of building websites, apps, and e-publications and is able to network with the CNY chapter of AIGA as well as other on-campus departments to seek assistance/support as needed.


October 19, 2016