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Central Perspectives

Central Perspectives


Where Are We? Who Are We? What Are We?


State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, New York


Amy Bartell, Cynthia Clabough, and Carla Senecal


The “Central Perspective” project asked participants to use artistic expression to explore identity on both the individual level as well as the community level. Students enrolled in courses in the Art Department at SUNY Oswego were asked to tell the story of the region from the inside, as the story of “Us,” or from the outside as the story of “You.” Whether an insider or an outsider, students were asked to work together to create narratives that integrate reconstructions of the past, perceptions of the present, and musings on the future. In their role as information architects, student designers were charged with pulling out common themes and to collate and consolidate individual ideas and thoughts into a shared vision. <br><br> A culmination exhibition took place in downtown Oswego at the Tyler Art Gallery at Oswego State Downtown Store’s exhibition space. The show ran from April 1st to May 13th, 2016. During that time it served as the backdrop for conversations with City of Oswego Officials, school teachers and business leaders for the purpose of discussing ways to develop future collaborative projects. <br><br> Selected works also appeared in group exhibitions in Albany, Rochester, and Syracuse, New York.


Reid Adler - Troy Antinora - Heather Bair - Malik Bogues Beauzile - Benjamin Bradley - Justin Brown - Gwendolyn Clark - Mathew Diaz - Gaige Dickerson - Melissa Digiovanna - Megan Dignan - Jessica Dodaro - Phillip Gebhardt - Brian Graves - Nicholas Greco - Zachary Holt - Yarbrielle Ingram - Ricardi Jean - Cassandra Kaiser - Brittany Koch - Matthew Kostreba - Christie Krisak - Taisha Laird - Brittani Lamb - Long Yin Lau - Alexander Lovell - Catherine Marcy - Kirstie Matice - Josh Medina - Daniella Melita - Brianna Messina - Margaret Murphy - Emily Nestor - Lucas Peacock - Briese Penaherrera - Rachel Pentasuglio - Amanda Perri - Beatriz Piolla deMello - Rachael Slofsky - Austin Smith - Marissa Specioso - Forrest Stata - Diana Sweatt - Elijah Vary - Timothy Wavercak - Sayvon Whidbee - Brittney Wienecke - Jason Yard


November 10, 2016